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Activities, events and movements for peace during the interwar years

We present here what we call a ‘peace timeline’ for the period 1918 to 1945 - from the formation of the League of Nations at the end of the First World War to the creation of the United Nations at the end of the Second World War.

This list is by no means exhaustive. The aim is to set some of the period’s well-known ‘steps to war’ in the context of the lesser known ‘pathways to peacemaking’ that were taking place at the same time.

Some of these pathways might seem very small, very local – and inevitably they focus in the main on the partner countries involved in our project. However, taken together, they start to tell a story of a wider, collective endeavour by people from across the continent to challenge hate and injustice and work together for peace and cooperation. You can read more about many of these events on our project map.

Many thanks to students and staff at Lancaster Royal Grammar School and LFTP UK volunteers for helping to create this peace timeline.